Wet ‘n Wild Wednesday

The heavy stuff arrived a little after noon and the remainder of the morning pro-am was washed out. The plan was to play nine holes in the afternoon flight starting at 3:00 but after further review, play was called for the entire day.

Our plan was to lunch then hit the range but lunch was all I did. Lorie sent me home and practiced by herself. We play in tomorrow’s pro-am at 1:40  but more rain is expected.

After two years at Fallen Oak, seeing shots hit on the clubface yesterday was a welcomed change. Lorie was kind enough to give me a guest pass so I may nosh with the players. Sure beats the caddie food coupon but that’s not at all bad either.

Went into downtown Bentonville and took in the Walmart museum. I remember getting a haircut across the street and was told it was the same chair where Sam Walton used to get a trim. That shop no longer exists but the two chairs that were there are now in the museum.

Filled part of my afternoon at the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.


2 Responses to Wet ‘n Wild Wednesday

  1. Larry, it’s nice to have you back on tour.

    • lifeontour says:

      Great to be back. Haven’t laughed this much in a long time.

      Not much changed except the faces. Slow play is still the main topic among the players. Who would have figured? 🙂

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