Just Another Thursday

Touched them all today. Rained for only a hole but no boomers.

Had the Director of Golf and GM of the club in our group. Finished with an eagle on both nines for sixteen under.

Michelle Wie will not be representing the US at the International Crown event. Here are the teams. The cut-off was at the conclusion of the Kia Classic in Carlsbad. Unfortunately, that precluded and hot player from making the squad. Leaving one spot open for a wildcard would have made it interesting but complicated.

The name Yuki Sakurai was in the back of my yardage book. Anyone know who that is?


13 Responses to Just Another Thursday

  1. cougar says:

    She tied for 69th place in this tournament in 2012.

  2. Dan jones says:

    glad Larry is back ontour.l enjoy his comments on a daily basis when he is on a bag I missed him for the last 2 years.Good luck with Lorries. She is a great player and a fine person. Dan Jones

  3. DaVinner says:

    Great bag you are on. Lorie is one of the really class ladies on tour. Hope your legs hold out.

  4. Frank Michaels says:

    27 postings and counting on my Facebook news feed from the LPGA and the Golf Channel over Bu88les Wie winning the US Open … Congress will meet later in the week to decide on what date a National Holiday will fall. Some are saying between July 4th and Labor Day seems favorable.

  5. Tim Tam Eater says:

    Frank is a douche. Get a life.

  6. Richard says:

    I certainly think Spain is the team I would want to follow. Very easy on the eyes. Wie over Kerr would have been a huge plus in many ways.

  7. ahh frank san, ru think inbee sexy..ror

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