2014 Walmart Championship Round One

Skunked! No birdies. Shot four over. Need to knock the pins down tomorrow.

I was paired with Jenny Shin and Hee Young Park. Veteran caddies Cheeseburger Chad and Kylie Pratt are on their bags respectively.

Really blew today. Almost hat to screw my hat on. It was as tight as possible.

They announced Jenny as being from South Carolina instead of South Korea. Good to see they still botch the introductions. Some things never change.

It was nice to see Dianne Scott on the tee doing the club survey like old times, even though she was just a fill-in for this week.

Paula withdrew to a boo-boo on her finger. Well, it was a bit more than that. A blister she acquired last week broke and she found it impossible to grip the club. That made room for Kris Tamulis.

Natalie posted a WD also. I believe it is a hip injury but don’t quote me on that. In fact, don’t quote me on anything.

Someone should tell Michelle that there is a women’s locker room. She doesn’t have to slip on her skirt over the workout spandex in the dinning room. It was a nice tease though.

”Big Al”, a very large inflatable elephant and the University Alabama mascot, greats all who walk the twelfth fairway. It resides in the backyard of a home that boarders the right side. A gentleman in my pro-am group lives there and is hosting Kris Tamulis for the week.

By the way, they we won the pro-am. 

Heard “Fluff” wasn’t very pleased last week. Don’t think the guys put in too many ten hour days.

Then there was this:

LPGA local stop moving from Grey Silo to Whistle Bear Check out Whistle bear here.

LPGA Tournament Expands Entertainment

Rory McIlroy’s golf will improve with Caroline Wozniacki out of the picture, says Nick Faldo


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