2014 Walmart Championship Round Two

Made three birdies but couldn’t avoid the bogies. Add two more to our total. I’ll be heading to Biloxi in the morning.

We had the same group but we went off the front this time but that didn’t change our luck with the introductions. Jenny was hailed as Kimmy Shin and Hee Young as Jenny Shin.

I remember working for Susan Sanders in Hawaii many years ago during the heyday of the sit-com ‘Threes Company’. That must have been on the mind of the announcer cause he dubbed her Susan Summers. One of the better miscues was for A.J. Eathorne. It came out A.J. Eat-horny.

Maybe it was a harbinger of our disappointing round but Lorie lost (more like they were misappropriated) half a dozen balls before she even got to the practice putting green. She laid three sleeves on the sink in the locker room before using the facilities and only one remained upon her return.

Michelle Wie participated in the Ice Water Charity Challenge on the range after her round today. The way I understand it, if someone challenges you on Twitter, you either dump a bucket of the stuff on your head or pony-up to charity. You have to take the dare to keep the challenge going then challenge someone else. Of course, Michelle challenged the hometown favorite. It’ll be Stacy Lewis’s turn tomorrow. You can see her in the background of the photo.

Looks like Michelle went with a full bucket.


Then there was this:

LPGA LGBT Heroine Muffin Spencer-Devlin

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