Got Back Just In Time

My car has been acting up for awhile. It had a slight misfire at times but started to get worse over a week ago. It was idling very rough last week and yesterday morning wouldn’t start. After multiple efforts it finally fired up. Took it in to a local shop and the coil pack – with three cracks and a burn spot – was replaced but that didn’t do it. He wasn’t equipped with the latest diagnostics so another option had to found.

I was planning on taking it to the Ford dealer this morning but it had the same problem. Cranked fine but wouldn’t fire. Had it towed instead. Luckily, I had the roadside as assistance coverage with my insurance policy. Only $10 a year. Easily pays for itself in one use.

I’ll find out tomorrow what’s wrong.


2 Responses to Got Back Just In Time

  1. lawyergolfer says:

    I think I know the answer to your problem, drive it to the valet at one of the casinos with the keys still in ignition and walk away,claim is was, security cameras would catch you//or leave it outside a 7-11 with the keys in and running!

  2. Ozz says:

    Basic checks should have been done, such as battery terminals, spark plugs, spark plug and coil leads if the replaced coil didn’t resolve the problem. Even check fuel filter, pump and injectors.

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