Independence Day

Time for a little flag waving.

Purring Like A Kitten:

Picked up my ride yesterday. Only cost me a month’s rent. 😦

The fuel pump control module was the main item. No gas, no start. A cracked vacuum hose caused a lean condition contributing to the misfire. Of course, dealer labor costs are the biggest hose job around but sometimes you have to bend over and let them screw you.

I consider myself lucky. After 172K miles, this is the first major repair outside of normal wear and tear.

Then there was this:

Seneca native, LPGA golfer Austin Earnst to host first Safe Harbor Invitational

Match Play adopts ‘World Cup-type’ format for 2015

Tom Watson invited to play British Open at St Andrews

Birkdale, Carnoustie to host Open in 2017 and 2018


11 Responses to Independence Day

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    I’ll never forget yelling at the TV for Watson to hit a 9 iron on the 18th hole. He hit an 8, landed in front of the pin 10-12 feet, rolled off the back. His par putt was horrific. He stabbed at it. A victory would have been one of the GREATEST sports achievements.

  2. ahh franksan, Watson had lika 170 to hore, u priddy good craddie to think ahh 9 irin..and brall hit on front of green , not 10-12 freet from hore..if brall had hit that crose to hore he would hrave breen in so frunny..brad mamory

    • Frank Michaels says:

      I remember he make crappy putt … pressure …

      • ahh franksan, im sura you hava probrem when you crapa, too mruch pressa on ru…yres, brad prutt..yur mamory rememnbred that at reast

      • Frank Michaels says:

        I checky video …Tommie san say he should hit’a 9y iron instead of 8 … Frankie san correct with club, wrong where ball land .. same difference …he lose …

  3. Tim Tam Eater says:

    Leave it up to frank the know it all to pull clubs now. What else does he do.

    • Frank Michaels says:

      you got a problem little gnat … go kiss Bu88les ass …you’ll feel better … my apologies to Life On Tour, but I cannot stay silent verses a wimp…

  4. Tim Tam Eater says:

    Dont worry, i never worry about a guy with 2 first names. They are usually soft.

    • Frank Michaels says:

      That isn’t my name piss ant … your screen name shows you swing both ways … confused …?? poor baby …

  5. ahh me thrink franksan related to George when you stop in rest areeas!!

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