2014 RIcoh British Open Round Three

After a poor start, Mo Martin recovered nicely but couldn’t keep it going. Not good when the wheels come off and you’re driving on the other side of the road.

Sun-Ju Ahn built such a perfect platform for her stance in the bunker on eighteen, she couldn’t have done better with a shovel. Cost her two blows and the lead. The sad part is, she had to have the rule explained to her.

The weather will the main factor tomorrow. Blow wind blow!

Don’t know if the last pairing was ever put on the clock but they should have been. Fifty minutes for the first three holes? Ridiculous.

I don’t get ESPN2 so I’m watching the BBC with a little workaround. Made a trial account with Unlocator.com and changed my Wi-Fi settings to their DNS specifications. Now when I watch the BBC coverage, they think I’m in the UK and do not deny access. That will come to an end in six more days.

Then there was this:

In St. Andrews, a Heavy Knock on a Neighbor’s Door


5 Responses to 2014 RIcoh British Open Round Three

  1. FRank Michaels says:

    I’d like to see Park pull it out … it would be good for her head … Granada playing well … nice …

  2. ahh dront understrand, ru cant trake a shoevel and makr stance?

  3. Tim Tam Eater says:

    The rule is bull. Any caddy on any tour has seen it happen. The ones that get caught are the ones with the camera on them. There is so much sand in these bunkers, you cant help but have your foot slide down. I guess you experts at home would not know there from your recliners. { Frankie }

    • Frank Michaels says:

      Actually, I was standing up eating an apple when the infraction occurred. Your logic in this case reminds me of tax cheats. I like when you call me Frankie … I feel like we’re getting closer, do you …??

  4. lifeontour says:

    I think you’re wrong on this one Tim Tam. After watching the video a few times, she went over the top on building a stance. Click link for video.


    Yes many players do break the rule but that doesn’t make it unenforceable. Maybe this will make them more aware.

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