All Tiger

Tweet from golf writer Dan Jenkins@danjenkinsgd

I see that ESPN3 is going with all Tiger, all the time at Hoylake. How is that any different from the regular telecast?

I have the Google Now voice search installed on my laptop and basically, when you have the Google home page opened and say “OK Google,” it activates the microphone and you can just say what you wish to search for. For example, you can ask how to get to a certain place and it will bring up a map with detailed directions.

Well yesterday I was watching the 1954 movie “Dial M for Murder” on TCM and three times Google Now was activated by the movie. Twice it couldn’t understand the dialog and shut off  but once it searched for “Genesee.” Think their voice recognition software needs tweaking?

Four Atlantic City casinos (the latest being Trump Plaza) will be closed by the Fall of this year putting almost 8,000 folks out of a job. Meanwhile, they keep adding on and building more here in Biloxi. All about location I guess.


2 Responses to All Tiger

  1. Tim Tam Eater says:

    No Frankie, You will always be a douche

    • Frank Michaels says:

      As a douche, I’m spend my time in the part of a woman’s body that you are always paying for … tsk, tsk, tsk …jealous, A-Hole … ???

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