The Early Bird …

… catches The Open. ESPN3’s coverage starts at 3:30 am ET.

Open Tweets:

Beth Ann Nichols talked to John Daly today, who said he could make a 20 on the 12th.

Spent time today with a local factory worker who qualified for @The_Open in his first attempt. Meet John Singleton:

Par 5! The #openchampionship winds are blowing. Bubba had 166 to the pin on 16 and hit 64• lob wedge to 11 feet.

MT @GolfweekRude: Asked about Tiger Woods being rusty after inactivity, Sean Foley told me: “Rust is absence of feel, not absence of skill.”

Kudos to Mo for not skipping Toledo after last week’s win. Can’t say that for some others. The field list looks like an LPGA reunion.

Then there was this:

The International Golf Federation Confirms Qualification System For Golf In The 2016 Olympic Games

Blinkx Announces Partnership With LPGA, Stock Rises

Women’s British Open champ Martin receives congratulatory letter from Arnold Palmer


One Response to The Early Bird …

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    Can the SILVER PLATTER get any bigger for Bu88les … an ESPY for Best Female Golfer …LOL~~!!

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