The Open 2014 1st Round

No wind. Very disappointing. Red is the color of the day.

Is this Tiger’s rebirth? Hit some very impressive shots.

Some fancy stick handling by Els on the first. Triple! Three whacks from less than a foot.

Open Tweets:

Boo Weekley when asked if he’s icing his hurt right wrist “Do they have ice over here, if so I haven’t found any”

The factory worker, John Singleton, shot 78. Boss said to him: “I don’t think I’ve ever wanted someone not to come back to work on Monday.”

Justin Rose’s driver was accidentally given away to his caddie’s friend. Got it back by No. 3. Rose called it a “comedic start” to the day

Facebook post from Betsy King: I’m enjoying the Marathon Classic here in Sylvania, OH July 17-20. If you are here stop by our Golf Fore Africa booth and say hello.

Back from the dead? Laura Diaz shoots nine under in the opening round in Toledo.

There’s a few names on the board you don’t usually see. Whenever an underdog wins, such as Mo did last week, it invigorates the lesser-known. A little confidence goes a long way.

On air X-rated commentary from Mark Wiebe after missing a putt. This used to be an every day occurrence for The Garb. 

It’s time for Frank and Tim Tam to stop taking shots at each other. I’m imposing a 30 day cease fire. You can still comment but no personal attacks. The same goes for you ajc. Quit throwing gas on the fire.

Play nice or they’ll be no ice cream for dessert.

Hit the range today and not the one with the little round pellets. Tuning-up for the zombie apocalypse or the coming civil war. Take your pick.

Then there was this:

After 10-year hiatus, Joan Pitcock returns to LPGA with eye on senior tour


3 Responses to The Open 2014 1st Round

  1. Tim Tam Eater says:

    Sorry Larry. Wont happen again

  2. rarry, u reary disaproint me..ror…me jrust comment on bad infro by certrun peoplrer on hair

  3. Frank Michaels ( or is it ...??) says:

    The Best Female Golfer Of The Year ( guess the big money sponsors got their title for the meal ticket) missed back-to-back cuts … Lincicome is struggling heavy for 2 seasons now … less fishing MORE practice, girl … Granada in the $$ again, … the American lifestyle MAY be taking it’s toll on the Korean chicks …

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