USA? Not on Sunday

This isn’t exactly what they were looking for.

U.S. knocked out; does International Crown need tweaks?

Humbled US women seek answers after Crown ousterYou need to find the chemistry and spark between your pairings to kind of egg each other on,” Kerr said.

“What are you trying to say there?” Creamer responded.


Beth Ann Nichols@GolfweekNichols

Phone died while I was out on the golf course. What a rally kill for this event. Have to wonder what crowd support will be like with no U.S.


4 Responses to USA? Not on Sunday

  1. Rich (arizona) says:

    Obviously for the local crowd and the tv market in the USA it will take a huge hit. Asian wise it will do fine.

    Would have been interesting if Wie had played although the weakest link in the team events is now Paula Creamer. I’ve always been a fan of hers but 1 win in 4 years, 2 in the last 6 and with a declining number of top 10s each of the last 4 years I’m guessing her best golf is long past her (yeah at age 27).

    Since she got smoked 6&5 by Matthew in 2011 Solheim her impressive record in team events has evaporated. 1-3 in 2013 with another walloping in singles (5&4) and in this event she did very little.

    She didn’t seem to appreciate Christie Kerr’s comment about pairings being too comfortable. Not sure if it is mental or physical but it seems like her best golf is long past.

    I have to admit I was rooting for Spain. Those four ladies are fun and enjoyable to watch.

    And if you go scoreless against those teams from Taiwan you really don’t deserve to play in the finals.

    Although I have to admit I still have no idea how the scoring will work today. I live not far from the event but unfortunately had to cancel my trip out there (due to sickness). I enjoyed watching Fri/Sat coverage.

  2. Rich (arizona) says:

    Sorry they got swept by Thailand and not Taiwan.

  3. ahh, maybre Kristi kerr shoulda looka ina mirrir,,she wana once in 4 yrs

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