Look What I Found

While sifting through some memorabilia, I spotted an old sports section from The Corning Leader and upon first glance, had no idea why I saved it. Then it all came back to me when the article on page 2B caught my eye.

Corning Leader pro-am article Mat 21st 1996

I think I’m the only caddie who’s pro-am group ever won the event. By the way, that was my chip on five.

Here’s our team photo.


Then there was this:

Tiger Woods withdraws from Bridgestone with injury – Like an iceberg, there’s more to this than what lies on the surface. “Little Rick” and myself were thinking along the same track. To complicated to explain but we concluded all the surgery in the world will not cure what ails Tiger.

NANCY LOPEZ ON JAN STEPHENSON – The article is highlighted by the infamous naked Jan covered with golf balls picture.


12 Responses to Look What I Found

  1. Rick Schofield says:

    You were so young there, I can’t tell which one is you!

  2. Eyespy guy says:

    Care to explain What it is that is on your putter grip?
    I believe this may be an illegal putting aid!!
    I may have to send a letter to that event notifying them you may have cheated, therefore you should return the t.v.
    I assume you can explain yourself?
    Maybe now we know why your the only caddy to win!!
    There is no statue of limitations in golf!
    Not where Eyespy Guy is concerned!

    • lifeontour says:

      I have no idea what that is. I was using a standard putter. Sold the TV to The Nerd anyway. Invested it in unpaid bills.

      Nicole’s was still in the box months later. Her mom was using it as a table. 🙂

  3. ahh rarry, me thoughts you were taller than Nicole? you a asmall fry guy

  4. Ozz says:

    The object in question looks like a pair of sunglasses, maybe “NYX” that Tommy was reping for.

  5. RTN says:

    By the way the TV lasted until 2013.

  6. CSI Investigator and cute actor Mark Harmon says:

    Upon CSI investigation, we will accept the sunglasses theory!!
    Consider this matter officially closed.
    Mark Harmon
    I will say that while using the black light to analyze the photograph, we came up with some pretty disgusting…let’s just say RESIDUE.
    I’m sure it must be spilt milk, or maybe clam chowder 🙂

  7. Boca jr says:

    Larry, rumor had it that the first promo shot had you in the tub with jan, but when they tried to count the balls, everyone came up 2 short so the just used jan! Care to comment, inquiring minds want to know!

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