I’m In The System

Solicitations for our former jobs at Fallen Oak have been posted online. I had to visit the Bea Employment Office to apply since I took the layoff. While I was filling out the required info, the guy who held the post of locker room attendant called. He was wondering why his position wasn’t posted. Probably just an oversight.

Now I’m waiting for the call.

Then there was this:

Huge Crowds at the Inaugural Meijer LPGA Classic Presented by Kraft

2 Responses to I’m In The System

  1. cougar says:

    I think “huge” is overstating it, but maybe they had low expectations. Crowds were good each day, though. Weather was absolutely perfect, so that helped.

  2. ahhh comprared to Hawaii, kia, Hawaii,mobile,pratville, crowds were ginormous

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