The Shame Of It All

August 23, 2014

Heard Chella Choi was nailed by a TV viewer yesterday. Someone called in claiming she put her ball back wrong. Got a two shot penalty.

That let all the minus ones in. 17 extra players made the cut. After an hour visit with the rules officials, Chella  WD’d.

What’s up with the scoring? Is it an easy set-up, a pitch and put track or both?

I’m looking through all those slides I converted and found this duo. It’s from the Jamaica Classic circa 1989.

We all stayed in a compound which was complete with hotel, a beach, restaurants and a night club. Instead of cash, we used beads which were worn as a necklace. Who out there remembers the name of that that place?

A bowl of goat chili and a couple Red Stripes was a common repast after the sun went down.

It’s a good bet Jim still has that outfit.

Motorcycle Jim and Greg Sheridon

Motorcycle Jim and Greg Sheridan


Beth Ann Nichols@GolfweekNichols 15h

286 players have signed up for Stage I of LPGA Q-School. Will be interesting to see how many stages USC’s Annie Park chooses to play.

Then there was this:

This is Why You Don’t Hit Golf Balls That Are on Fire

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