The Shame Of It All

Heard Chella Choi was nailed by a TV viewer yesterday. Someone called in claiming she put her ball back wrong. Got a two shot penalty.

That let all the minus ones in. 17 extra players made the cut. After an hour visit with the rules officials, Chella  WD’d.

What’s up with the scoring? Is it an easy set-up, a pitch and put track or both?

I’m looking through all those slides I converted and found this duo. It’s from the Jamaica Classic circa 1989.

We all stayed in a compound which was complete with hotel, a beach, restaurants and a night club. Instead of cash, we used beads which were worn as a necklace. Who out there remembers the name of that that place?

A bowl of goat chili and a couple Red Stripes was a common repast after the sun went down.

It’s a good bet Jim still has that outfit.

Motorcycle Jim and Greg Sheridon

Motorcycle Jim and Greg Sheridan


Beth Ann Nichols@GolfweekNichols 15h

286 players have signed up for Stage I of LPGA Q-School. Will be interesting to see how many stages USC’s Annie Park chooses to play.

Then there was this:

This is Why You Don’t Hit Golf Balls That Are on Fire

14 Responses to The Shame Of It All

  1. tommyTommy G says:

    I think it was a holiday inn

  2. Tim Tam Eater says:

    Jim wore that outfit this week

  3. lawyergolfer says:

    seawinds and we used sharks teeth for dinero

  4. Allen says:

    GOLF Channel is racist . . . GOLF Channel decided not to air LIVE TV coverage for LPGA Canadian Pacific Women’s Open Final round. Instead they do this next day (Monday morning 00:30 AM ~ 02:30 AM) when no one is watching. You know why? Because there are no American LGPA players close enough to win the championship. More importantly, 3 Korean LGPA players who they don’t like are in contention for the top 3 spots in a record-setting fashion.
    You know what? You guys (GOLF Channel) are disgusting. I am very disappointed. I am sure Korean ladies will win more in the future just to make you guys more unhappy . . . so you might as well stop playing redtape and be fair by accepting the facts.

    • Frank Michaels says:

      The Golf Channel doesn’t like Inbee Park … ?? who’d a thunk … thanks for the insight …

    • ahhh allen, golf channel waits til right before rast round to then change schedule because no americans in hunta. Mabre big break 44 is on and gets betta ratings.

      • Getting sleepy just thinking about it.... says:

        1-People watch womens golf……….?
        2-Maybe they are SEXIST more than racist?
        3- I will hazard to guess that more men are watching women on their video screens at 3am than at most any other time of day! (Do I need to add the gimmicky lines of: Stroke, Balls, and Holes to be more clear)?

    • Hendrik says:

      I saw it live (west coast), perhaps the decision was made by your cable provider?

    • Lori B says:

      I watched it live in Florida…

  5. Rich (arizona) says:

    I’d curious what your opinion is regarding caddies and players. Is a caddy’s main job to basically stay out of the way, provide yardages, advise of possible rule violations?

    As a viewer I really would wish things such as:
    1. checking alignment on tee shots
    2. checking alignment on putts,
    3. drills while the round in progress (such as Paula keeping her head down)

    Would not be allowed. It just slows down play too much. Suzanne is joining Jim Furyk as someone I can’t stand to watch with all of her practice swings, stepping up to the ball, backing away, etc.

    It seems like a lot of this stuff is much more prevalent on the women’s tour than the men’s (regarding caddie alignment, etc.). Almost as if the players are too insecure, unsure of what they are doing.

    Just my 2 cents and venting. Too bad Munoz is falling back. She is always a pleasure to watch in many ways.

    • lifeontour says:

      Caddie duties may range from minimalist to all encompassing Rich. It all depends on the player.

      Unfortunately, accepting advice from your caddie includes checking alignment so I don’t see that rule being changed any time soon.

      You may be right about it be insecurity aspect on the LPGA. Most guys don’t seem to need extra assurances from their caddie. At least it doesn’t seem that way.

      Chalk up all those preparedness idiosyncrasies to swing and psychological coaches.

  6. Frank Michaels says:

    I wish Cristie Kerr would make up her mind when yelling at the ball … “Go, Go …sit, sit, sit. GO~~!!”

  7. Edward says:

    Re: the conditions and scoring at the Canadian Pacific Women’s Open. Around 9:00 PM last Wednesday there was a torrential downpour lasting almost one hour. I’m talking a can’t-see-your-hand-in-front-of-your-face deluge. The course was drenched at the start of the tournament on Thursday and only dried out by Sunday when scores were more normal. It was almost dead calm with low humidity which facilitated low scores. And those three Korean girls were just dialed in all four days.

    Is it just me or does it seem that every year, the tournament sponsor goes way overboard with exemptions for Canadian players. This year there were fifteen (15) Canadians in the field, only four of whom made the cut. The best finish was T46. I’m a Canadian but sheesh!

  8. lawyergolfer says:

    its a Canadian National Open, therefore the sponsor can invite as many Canadians as they want to get more attention to Canadian golf..duh..Edward, why does McDonalds have a dollar menu? Maybe that question will take you awhile to figure out and keep you from answering on here. PS, I was there all week and the greens were soft but not that soft. maybe because most of the greens had big slopes and you could fly the ball to the hole..hmm interesting concept! The back nine was short and par 5’s, at least 2 were reachable. and the greens were not fast.

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