Seeing Is Believing

Choi disagrees with penalty, WDs instead

After viewing the video, there is no question Chella broke the rules, but why? It was a tap-in and no advantage was gained by misplacing the ball. If she just zoned out, so be it, but Chella then refused to accept the penalty. Again, why? Is it so disgraceful to admit a mistake or is it a delusional act?

South Korea  takes the top three places in Canada along with the Little League World Series Championship.

Then there was this:

Portland Classic will be without many of the LPGA’s top stars, including Stacy Lewis, Lydia Ko   – Wasn’t this event saved from the ashes?

600 lost golf balls get a mulligan with 6-foot statue


4 Responses to Seeing Is Believing

  1. Niel says:

    Might Choi have withdrawn because she knew she would be cut and thought a WD would look better than a cut? Stats don’t generally show how many times you withdraw, but they do show how many times you are cut.

  2. Frank Michaels says:

    Those 18 extra players sound $end Choi a thank you card$ … ( the rest of the field just got their pockets picked ) …

  3. ahh maybre taking penalty would admit cheating and she maybre lose face wid sponsors and loose them?

  4. Mike says:

    I would think if it was unintentional, most players would just take the penalty with some embarrassment and go onwards. Throwing a fit and WDing actually makes it appear to have been an intentional infraction, as in, “let me just get out of town.”

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