The New Look Works

Thursday, our head pro took us on a tour of Fallen Oak and what a difference from three months ago. The extremely severe lips of the bunkers, which overly punished the average duffer, have given way to a more sublime contour allowing for an attempt to play towards the green and not just a sideways pitch out.

If one opts to play from the two new tees that have been added on numbers 5 and 10, it will  change relatively straight holes into slight doglegs.

The no wash-out promise from the Better Billy Bunkers system seems to hold up. A couple heavy downpours had no effect.

Jeong Jang, Hee-Won Han Retiring From LPGA – They both made the cut.

Hee Wan Han _jeong Jang fairwell dinner

The Last Supper Featuring Hee-Won and J. J. 

I hear Louie picked-up the tab. 😉

The fortunate 100 and ties move on to Stage 2. Scores here.


2 Responses to The New Look Works

  1. cannuck says:

    always enjoyed jj despite the controversy
    wishing her all the best

  2. Ozz says:

    I must say, that Louie and Adam haven’t aged.
    I wish Hee-Won and JJ all the best for the future.

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