Chance Meeting

It’s been an interesting past few days. Met a guest form Canada who caddied at one of the du Maurier Classics and when I noticed an Oglebay hat in a gentleman’s trunk, found out his dad used to volunteer at The Wheeling Classic at Oglebay Park WV.

The finals of The Slavic Invitational was to be held at Fallen Oak today but a vicious weather pattern was forecast to migrate up from the gulf and changed their plans. It never happened. Just on and off showers.

I was scheduled to help my three compadres finish the day but an upset stomach and a case of the squirts had me home early.

Then there was this:

LPGA Player Feature: Morgan Pressel’s Gluten-Free Diet

Donald Trump, Neighbors Bicker Over Golf Course

Quaker Ridge neighbor’s lawsuit has other golf clubs worried

Three State Farm Classic champions return for LPGA charity outing

Canada’s Brooke Henderson ponders skipping college to join LPGA Tour

2 Responses to Chance Meeting

  1. Richard says:

    I guess a Ryder Cup was played and no one watched? I actually was rooting for Europe. Any team that has Bubba Watson on it I can’t root for. What an annoying person. Blame everyone except himself for failures. Lighten up and have some fun.

    Furyk might be a nice person (don’t know) but watching him and his “routine” is beyond painful. If you can’t hit the ball within 30 seconds of your turn it should be a penalty stroke for routine shots.

    Basically most of the vets suck in everything except the singles. Furyk, Woods, Michelson, etc.

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