It’s All About The Money

Stacy Lewis Says LPGA Should Go Back to Four Majors – Evian met all the LPGA’s demands for major status. The time to speak up was before they were given that honor. 

Then there was this:

Creamer’s game plan for Korea includes time at DMZ


5 Responses to It’s All About The Money

  1. Ellie says:

    I guess that’s the “bitch & complain” of the week from spoiled Lewis – nothing but whining and complaining constantly. GAWD.

    • Frak Michaels says:

      I agree with her,but a SIXTH major will be added in time on the Asian Swing … The quality and allure of a major will be diluted , most like everything else nowadays ,…

  2. lawyergolfer says:

    it was either make it a major or lose the event to the LET..what would anyone have done? take the money and run..

  3. lawyergolfer says:

    7/30 events on lpga schedule have US main sponsorship. That’s why it is the GLOBAL tour…or non American tour..ha

  4. Carolyn Orr says:

    Stacy complained about the fifth major from the very first talks of it. This isn’t something that came up cause she’s a sore loser!

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