Looks like we’re moving into the winter doldrums. Only four singles on the tee sheet today. One guest was from British Columbia Canada. Nothing special about that except he only had four sticks in his bag. A five and seven iron, pitching wedge and putter. That’s a long day if you’re off your game.

I mentioned that I ran most of the holes during our Ace In The Hole event on Sunday but what I forgot to say is that one guy in my group said I looked like a gazelle running the fairways. I would have to agree but with one caveat. It was a gazelle with a tranquilizer dart stuck in his ass.

Then there was this:

Stacy Lewis sweeps three biggest LPGA awards

Suzy Whaley’s historic PGA election victory thrills LPGA players

Future, past, present LPGA players join for exhibition

Paula Creamer Plays Last LPGA Round Before Wedding

Tiger Woods hires little-known biomechanics student Chris Como as new swing coach


One Response to Slowdown

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    Lucky Derek … I’d like to ee he pre-nup though …

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