Lollipop Lessons

I’ve done some research and discovered a few tips that may help with the new Lollipop update on my Nexus 7.

Swipe down with one finger for notifications. Two fingers for settings. Turn Wi-Fi on and off by tapping the icon. To find more Wi-FI signals tap below the icon under the horizontal line. Tap the gear symbol at the top for all the settings. Tap the colored sphere next to the gear to switch users.

Google has just added an app in the Play Store to help with Nexus devices called Device Assist. It’s extremely helpful for finding all the features for your device like the ones above. It even has a search option. If you’re still stumped, there’s a Contact Support link at the bottom. You can either leave feedback or have them call you for one-on-one support.

Also, for a bit of fun, go to the settings page and tap the “About tablet” link at the bottom right. Then repeatedly  tap the “Android version” link. When you see a large Lollipop graphic appear on your screen, tap the circle part of the image about five times and then press and hold your finger to it. You’ll then be taken into an Android-themed Flappy Bird-like game, with lots o’ lollipop obstacles to jump through and avoid.

Then there was this:
Jack Nicklaus: I’m Known as the Guy Who Ruined Cabo

Rio Secco Golf Club Hosts Natalie Gulbis Golf Classic for Boys and Girls Clubs

One Response to Lollipop Lessons

  1. Ozz says:

    Larry, All I can find in Play Store is Android Device: Manager, not Device Assist.


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