Another Miracle Of Sport?

January 30, 2015

‘Monday qualifier’ Jang grabs LPGA 36-hole lead  – “Jang is looking to become the first “Monday qualifier” to win an LPGA event since Laurel Kean won the State Farm Classic in 2000.”

With “Flipper” on the bag no less.

Then there was this:

Golf Channel’s News Show Golf Central Stays in Swing with Lectrosonics

Warm “Coates” Needed

January 29, 2015

A frost delay has many holes left to play.

Snagged an unexpected loop at the last minute. Plenty of fun but it was a long day.

A lingering veil of smoke from yesterday’s controlled burn turned my mundane drive to work into a white-knuckled one instead. At times, visibility was down to thirty yards and it didn’t help that many of the oncoming drivers failed to use their headlights.

Then there was this:

Golf Digest’s Ron Sirak wins 2015 PGA Lifetime Award in Journalism

Not Enough Club?

January 28, 2015

Saw about two minutes of the Coats telecast and it just happened to be a putt by Alexandra Jacobsen. She was on the front of a green and had to traverse a steep ridge before reaching the hole. The ball didn’t make it up, rolled back and well off the green.

A substantially high cut is in the making. The afternoon tee times were delayed 25 minutes. Probably due to all those extra shots. A few stragglers didn’t finish.

Then there was this:

LPGA, Golf Channel and NBC Announce 2015 LPGA Tournament Television Schedule

Juli Inkster Names Wendy Ward as Second U.S. Solheim Cup Assistant Captain

Robert Allenby Scolds Media During Phoenix Open News Conference

Two Hours I’ll Never Get Back

January 26, 2015

“The Interview” is now on Netflix. Watched it today. Like spending time in a North Korean prison camp. Sony deserved to be hacked for making this piece of trash. Can’t believe it was rated four and a half stars.

Then there was this:

Robert Allenby ran up huge strip club tab before bloody incident

And They’re Off!

January 25, 2015

The 2015 LPGA season started a tad early. The Coats Golf Championship qualifier was held yesterday. A stark departure from the usual Monday test. Eighty-two for two spots. The anticipated number of yardage books fell short and a reprinting ordered. Should be there Monday.

Yan, Jang qualify for Coates

Lone Survivor?

January 22, 2015

Four of us caddied yesterday. Good guys and plenty of laughs. But the main focus was that yesterday was also the final day of deer hunting season running dogs. Mississippi is one of the few states that dogs may be used in flushing out prey. Pitiful, I know. You would think a gun was advantage enough.

It was Wednesday and we usually don’t hear the dogs and gunfire until the weekend but the last chance to let loose the hounds explained the prolific barking echoing from the Desoto National Forest that boarders Fallen Oak.

As we were standing on the fourteenth tee, a par three situated at the farthest point from the clubhouse, a shot rang out that had everyone flinch. Seemed it couldn’t have been more than 100 yards into the trees. Don’t know if Bubba hit his mark but we couldn’t wait to move on to the next hole and start heading back.

When we reached the green on sixteen, I looked to my right and saw a buck exit the tree line and start across the twelfth fairway coming in our direction. Before reaching the other side we were noticed and he was now posed with a dilemma. Keep going or return towards the approaching hounds and flying bullets. It didn’t take more than a few seconds to opt for retreat, eschewing sanctuary of the course, and continue running a gauntlet of desperate hunters and their trackers.

By their sound, it appeared the dogs were just out of sight. Could their masters be far behind? I waited for the report of the firearm that would end its life. It never came.

Maybe lady luck was on that buck’s side. We’ll never know. Sad to think our presence may have sent him into the light. Then again, I could maintain a ray of optimism and believe he was a lone survivor.

Then there was this:

LPGA Player Brooke Pancake Signs Deal with Waffle House

Hurst enlists friend to help get ready for LPGA return

What A Game!

January 19, 2015

One of the most improbable finishes ever.

I put the cheesehead’s loss strictly on their coach’s strategy. When Seattle had a 3rd and 19 and desperately needed a score, Green Bay plays the prevent defense rushing three guys. Plenty of time for Wilson to find an open receiver and make the first down.

After Seattle gets within 5 with five minutes to play, Green Bay just tries to run out the clock, Runs three times losing yardage on each play. That created a momentum shift that would be found difficult to overcome.

It also didn’t help that Brandon Bostick closed his eyes fielding the onside kick. Hard to catch the ball that way. I also heard this morning that his task was to block and let his teammates field the kick. DOH!

Congratulations to Seattle for bringing it in the second half.

The Patriots were just too potent for the Colts. No team has had such a varied and imaginative offense as New England. Sacking Belichick could have been the biggest boner the Browns ever made.

On paper, this should be a fantastic Super Bowl.

Saturday I watched a movie on TCM  with Althea Gibson in a minor role. It was “The Horse Soldiers” starring John Wayne and Althea played a maid on a plantation in Mississippi. That was the only movie she was ever in. The reason I bring it up is that in the early 1960s she became the first black player to compete on LPGA. By the way, she was shot dead by a Confederate soldier in an ambush.

I’m a huge fan of the comic strip DIlbert. It’s been really hitting home lately.

$1.78.9 gas today. Alleluia!

Then there was this:

Matt Every is victim of first PGA Tour DQ of 2015

Man on golf course hit by Taser after urging police to shoot him

Body of missing AIG executive found in golf course pond

Robert Allenby ‘Thankful’ to be Alive After Kidnapping

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