Let Me Hear An Amen!

An eyewitness review of the Ocala venue claims it will be a tough test for the LPGA. Also, the three holes fashioned after Augusta’s “Amen Corner” are a good effort in replication.

Then there was this:

Northern Illinois University lands first NCAA finals with hosting of golf

Former LPGA golfer Jan Stephenson joins Super Bowl XLIX Celebrity Golf Classic

Donald Trump scraps plans to develop seaside golf range

Olympic Course Construction Fuels ‘Occupy Golf’ Protests in Brazil

Golf Channel Expands PGA Show Coverage for 2015


2 Responses to Let Me Hear An Amen!

  1. Old & obsolete says:

    Your eyewitness should of noticed that it is 12,13 and 16 at the National. 1 and 17 at St. Andrews. No Jigger Inn though.

  2. Fred says:

    Who can tell me out of all the tournaments on the 2015 schedule
    excluding the majors how many tournaments that were played before 1990 are still left on the current schedule. Doesn’t have to be the same sponsor just the same city and golf courses? It’s a pitiful answer.

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