See You In Court

PGA Tour caddies sue over wearing bibs with logos “We’re very disappointed that we’ve reached this point,” Kenny Harms said …”

Then there was this:

Patrick Reed Responds to Accusations of Cheating, Stealing


4 Responses to See You In Court

  1. Frank Michaels says:

    Interesting lawsuit. Should the caddies get paid per event, per day actually on the course. Are all the sponsors paying the same amount for their logo to be displayed. Is there a caddy union.

    • lifeontour says:

      In my opinion, they shouldn’t be paid at all. Sponsors provided the caddies the opportunity to make a living and for some, a very, very good living indeed. You would think they would be happy to promote whatever is on their caddie bib.

      What sponsors pay depends on what deal they cut with the tournament. I assume they differ.

      There isn’t a union but they do have a caddie association. You have to be on tour for at least a year and then pay dues. Being a member allows one to participate in certain programs like the hats they wear with the Nature Valley logo. They make good money depending on how they finish, is how I understand it.

      • Frank Michaels says:

        Its got to be a tough way to make a living for the journeymen caddy. Seems like they no protection, job security,

      • lifeontour says:

        Job security? Who has that these days? The lifestyle and a chance to be close to the action is what draws guys to caddie on tour. They know the risks.

        The caddies consider themselves independent contractors but want pension plans and health insurance. If you are truly an independent contractor, that is your responsibility.

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