Go With Your Gut

Do you believe in premonitions? I do. It happens to me all the time but there are times I fail to act on them.

My latest example was yesterday. Just before going into my abode, after that trip for the Powerball tickets, I felt the urge to open the hood, walk to the other side and look at the serpentine belt. The way they pack everything into the engine compartment, only a few inches shown but something caught my eye. It was an odd, parallel line dissecting the belt. A gave it a slight push. The belt was cracked down the middle. Who knows how many miles I had left before being stranded on the road somewhere and what damage the breaking of the belt may have caused?

This morning a replacement was procured at a local Firestone dealer a block from The Beau Rivage. Before entering, I gave the belt another look. The worn section was not visible. If I had not had that feeling and checked the belt, it would have been trouble in River City one day.

Then there was this:

Annika Sorenstam, Laura Davies Among First Female R&A Members

Maletis Presented 2014 LPGA Patty Berg Award

3 Responses to Go With Your Gut

  1. Ozz says:

    Larry, Well spotted. Good to know your from “old school” who checks their car, especially belts, fluids in the engine compartment.

  2. Coincidence? I don't think so! says:

    I had the same experience with my own belt!
    How much farther would I have walked until my pants fell all the way down around my ankles? Unfortunately…
    I did NOT have a premonition and long story short, the tiny scar on my right knee is cute as can be 🙂

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