Gearing Up

The tournament trailers have arrived for the  2015 MGRC. Anytime now, erection of the remaining infrastructure is about to begin. It’s going to get a little noisy around here.

$150 vomit charge – Spotted that notice stenciled on a taxi that dropped-off one of our guests. How exactly does the driver collect if you barf in his cab?

Caddied for a single yesterday. He mentioned that West Virginia was his sate of birth which immediately evoked memories of the LPGA stop at Olgebay Park in Wheeling. Turned out he played his high school golf at the same course.

Then there was this:

Rhonda Glenn, Broadcaster and Golf Historian, Dies

Portland considers smoking ban at city-owned golf courses


3 Responses to Gearing Up

  1. Projectile Pete says:

    Perhaps you pay in advance? For instance : ” I would like to barf please! How much is that? Oh, ok, here you go…….blaech!!!”

  2. scraper says:

    liberalism is a mental disorder. i don’t smoke but that is crazy.

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