Searching For Ralph

But not any more. Found him in The Buckeye State.

Received an email from Boston Ralph’s sister. She wished to contact him. I knew he left the tour went to Ohio in 2009. Boris got him a caddie job at Fairlawn Country Club but that was the last anyone heard.

I searched my phone and still had Boris’ number. Talked to him today and found out Ralph is still there.

Gives me a warm feeling inside knowing I could help. Then again, it could be the chili I had for lunch.

Then there was this:

Burglar dressed as golfer caught red handed at Peninsula Kingswood Golf Club

Jane Frost looks forward to April launch of Golf Channel Academy

Lydia Ko got ‘tatted up’ with the date of her first LPGA win as a pro

One Response to Searching For Ralph

  1. Ozz says:

    Boris, I have not heard of his name mentioned for so long. I hope both Him and Ralph are doing well.

    This might be the start of Lydia doing the un-normal things, after winning a Country’s major tournament. If she wins a Major in the USA, she may do the HAKKA.

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