Rocco Rules!

March 31, 2015

It ain’t over, til it’s over and as with many tournaments, there is a Monday pro-am following the main attraction. About eighteen pros teed it up and we started preparing at 5 AM for a nine o’clock start.

The course was set up the same as Sunday’s round to give all a feel of what the pros experienced one day earlier.

Every group was supplied with a caddie, with the heaviest contingent being the pro caddies from the tournament.

I went out with Rocco Mediate’s group. We played a shamble with four amateurs and it was a welcomed respite from the non-stop grind of the previous week.

Rocco was an absolute hoot. Arriving unshaven and donned in flip-flops, he knew it was about entertainment and not the golf that makes one of these events special. He never saw the driving range either. A small bucket off the first tee was all he needed and they were all very playable to his surprise.

It was a shotgun and we started and the tenth hole. Off came the flip-flops (he played in his bare feet all day) and out came one of his ubiquitous cigars and of course, some tunes blaring from his Bose Bluetooth speaker fed from an iPhone. Is there anything better to break up the cemetery silence of a golf course than some Marilyn Manson? I think not.

One of our amateurs hit it long and since we played from the best drive, we used either his or Rocco’s tee ball. Many times the others wouldn’t even tee off. That made for a very quick, four hour day.

During the round, Rocco was queried concerning his clubs and he said they were made by Mike Nicolette. I happened to loop for Mike twice back in the day.

I rode with Rocco all the way around. He could not have been nicer. Not a pretentious bone in his body. Eminem eventually replaced Marilyn so offensive lyrics (nothing you wouldn’t hear on a golf course anyway) pretty much ruled the day and of course, the cigar never went out.

Overall, this was the most enjoyable pro-am I have ever experienced and by the way, our team came out on top. First place baby!


Then there was this:

Tiger Woods’ plane reported to be in Augusta – It was leaking oil. 🙂

A glass shard and a caddie bib: Mickelson joins Lewis in campaign for women executives

Another MGRC Is In The Can

March 29, 2015

Is was a very long week. Clocked 73 hours which was ten fewer than last year.

Tex looped for Jim Rutledge. He was an alternate and Tex got the bag on Friday with five minutes to spare.


Ran into Mike Eggeling earlier in the week. He’s the Director of Tour Operations for Hopkins Golf. For a 20% discount on their products use the code EGG20 at checkout.


Then there was this:

Donald Trump’s long-rumored NY super golf course near reality

Was golf “back in the day” better than it is now?

Sorenstam knows expectations will come for Lydia Ko

The Lemon Drop Kid

March 27, 2015

“Chocolate Chip” (Chip Wall, former LPGA Caddie and now a Biloxi retiree) has made his presence on the range in a big way. He has already surpassed the effort of most volunteers combined. Greeting the pros as they walk on the range with a bag of balls and a smile, he maintains their hitting area and does all the right things to keep the range running smoothly without supervision. Experience counts boys and girls.

Given the bright yellow shirts sported by our fleet of volunteers this year, I have temporarily suspended his “Chocolate Chip” moniker and replaced it with “Lemon Drop”. In fact, that was the first thing out of mouth when he first caught my eye. But upon reflection, “Buttercup”, “Sunflower” or “Daisy” would equally apply.

“Lemon Drop” is also considering joining the Fallen Oak on call caddie program to to help alleviate the occasional doldrums of retirement. Easy work with good pay.


The busiest two days (pro-am) have concluded and day one went fairly smooth.

Don’t know what happened but we are desperately short of range balls. Less than one bag per pro. Not good.

Update: Didn’t order enough balls. Thought there was 500 to a case but it was only 288.

Then there was this:

The media’s war on golf instructors

Tensions heating up between caddies and PGA

Nancy Lopez among nine Hall of Famers playing in Chico’s Patty Berg Memorial

A Good Run

March 23, 2015

Women’s Golf Coach Julie Gallup to Retire at End of Season – Julie is Tex’s wife. The “big one” is upon us.

Triple Trouble

March 22, 2015

I’ve been having multiple problems with my laptop.  The only solution was to reformat and re-install from the factory discs. After that I realized my backup USB drive was also kaput. No worries. I use Crash Plan online backup so everything is safe.

Re-installing the Bluetooth adapter was another problem though. Had to buy another one at Best Buy and picked up a Toshiba drive at Sam’s.  Everything is running smooth once more. Just have to download my online files and install some software and I’ll be back where I started.

Yoga classes began this week on the LPGA and caddies are invited to participate. Of course they will be segregated from the players. They wouldn’t appreciate the catcalls form the peanut gallery. $18 per session is what I understand. Back in the day of $1 beers, “The Bud Bunch” would have considered that sacrilege.

It would be worth the price of admission if stalwarts like Louie, Scraper and Bully  were on the mat. On second thought, maybe not. I hear passing gas while practicing yoga is very common. That’s one wicked stink balloon I don’t wish to experience.

The “big one” is just days away.


The there was this:

Monday qualifier snags a car with LPGA Founders Cup ace

Are the Chinese invading the US via golf courses in Myrtle Beach?


On The Run

March 17, 2015


Caddie Verners Tess high-stepping in Tralee.

The “big one” is coming.


March 13, 2015

The “heavy stuff”, of which Carl Spackler cautioned the Bishop during their epic round in Caddyshack, arrived here today. It was a total washout. We had over seventy bodies on the tee sheet. Oh well, at least it didn’t rain as predicted the previous two days. We had over 100 “gophers” go out on Wednesday.

The course is officially mush.

Instead of our normal duties, we power-washed the tops of the cart batteries. Copious amounts of grime may cause an unwelcomed discharge. So we got that goin’ for us.

Most of the infrastructure for the MGRC is up. Can’t wait to put “Chocolate Chip” to work on the range. I envision an aluminum chair with my name on it.

Hillary sign

 Then there was this:

Local links: High schoolers earn spot in LPGA’s Volunteers of America North … – Dallas Morning News

Trump to get PGA Grand Slam

Dysfunction: Stenson suggests test for Viagra

Sun City veteran Robert Wescott afraid golf course attacker will strike again

John Daly rages he’s a target of golf’s ‘bulls—’ drug testing

Rankin, Caponi, Palmer named Founders honorees

U.S. court decision could force Golf Channel to return Ponzi scheme money

Enough Already!

March 10, 2015

I’ve been suffering with an off and on sore throat and cough since January so after a visit to the company clinic, I’m back on an antibiotic regimen and Mucinex DM. This differs from what was prescribed after my Urgent Care sojourn when I first came down with this affliction. This is a nasty bug going around, I was told, that is easily reacquired after you seem cured. We’ll see how this works out.

Then there was this:

Phil Mickelson and his caddie’s $5+ million note

John Daly just had his first top 10 finish on PGA Tour in three years

Loudmouth Golf Re-Signs With Pornanong Phatlum for 2015

“The Cheese” Rises To The Top

March 9, 2015

Tschetter Holds Off Inkster To Win Walgreens Charity Classic

Tschetter takes 1-hole playoff in Sun City West to win LPGA Legends event

I had the opening shift by myself yesterday with a twosome loop scheduled at eleven. But the first group of the day (another twosome) wished to have a caddie so I went with them instead. Both players used rental clubs which happened to be newly acquired, identical Titlest sets. No worries about getting the sticks in the wrong bag. Just had to sort them out at the end.

Then there was this:

Ethnic Korean golfers sweep 5 consecutive LPGA championships – Ain’t that special.

Video: McIlroy hurls club into water after errant shot

Here’s how golf tournaments get those cars out on the water

Finchem says he ‘whiffed’ by not protesting Ryder Cup change

Reed fires back at publisher over claims of stealing, cheating

Business as usual for golf when Tiger Woods quits for good

LPGA has five golf majors, it doesn’t need a sixth

Legends Luminaries

March 6, 2015

DePaulo Wins Walgreens Qualifier – “I finally qualified for a Legends Tour event thanks to the help and awesome caddy job of my buddy, Sherri Steinhauer”. – Facebook post by Lisa DePaulo

Juli Inkster, Liselotte Neumann headline field for Legends Tour Walgreen’s Charity Classic

I gazed the pairings and it brought back some great, and not so great, memories. Would love to caddie a Legends event some day.

One way or the other, I caddied for eighteen of the legends in this field.

Change is in the wind in the coming weeks and it’s a big one. Can’t elaborate just yet. Stay tuned.

Penne with meatballs, sausage and pepperoni on the menu the other day. Salmon in sweet chili sauce with glazed carrots today. No complaints on this end. We be eatin’ good.

Then there was this:

Williams joins caddies’ lawsuit

Eligibility criteria for ’15 KPMG Women’s PGA Championship

Hetherington keen to make up for lost time at NSW Open

Caddies send letter to Finchem requesting clubhouse access

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