Triple Trouble

I’ve been having multiple problems with my laptop.  The only solution was to reformat and re-install from the factory discs. After that I realized my backup USB drive was also kaput. No worries. I use Crash Plan online backup so everything is safe.

Re-installing the Bluetooth adapter was another problem though. Had to buy another one at Best Buy and picked up a Toshiba drive at Sam’s.  Everything is running smooth once more. Just have to download my online files and install some software and I’ll be back where I started.

Yoga classes began this week on the LPGA and caddies are invited to participate. Of course they will be segregated from the players. They wouldn’t appreciate the catcalls form the peanut gallery. $18 per session is what I understand. Back in the day of $1 beers, “The Bud Bunch” would have considered that sacrilege.

It would be worth the price of admission if stalwarts like Louie, Scraper and Bully  were on the mat. On second thought, maybe not. I hear passing gas while practicing yoga is very common. That’s one wicked stink balloon I don’t wish to experience.

The “big one” is just days away.


The there was this:

Monday qualifier snags a car with LPGA Founders Cup ace

Are the Chinese invading the US via golf courses in Myrtle Beach?



2 Responses to Triple Trouble

  1. Tim Tam Eater says:

    The only thing to make that yoga class better would be if you and tex would join us. PS Tabby too

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