The Lemon Drop Kid

“Chocolate Chip” (Chip Wall, former LPGA Caddie and now a Biloxi retiree) has made his presence on the range in a big way. He has already surpassed the effort of most volunteers combined. Greeting the pros as they walk on the range with a bag of balls and a smile, he maintains their hitting area and does all the right things to keep the range running smoothly without supervision. Experience counts boys and girls.

Given the bright yellow shirts sported by our fleet of volunteers this year, I have temporarily suspended his “Chocolate Chip” moniker and replaced it with “Lemon Drop”. In fact, that was the first thing out of mouth when he first caught my eye. But upon reflection, “Buttercup”, “Sunflower” or “Daisy” would equally apply.

“Lemon Drop” is also considering joining the Fallen Oak on call caddie program to to help alleviate the occasional doldrums of retirement. Easy work with good pay.


The busiest two days (pro-am) have concluded and day one went fairly smooth.

Don’t know what happened but we are desperately short of range balls. Less than one bag per pro. Not good.

Update: Didn’t order enough balls. Thought there was 500 to a case but it was only 288.

Then there was this:

The media’s war on golf instructors

Tensions heating up between caddies and PGA

Nancy Lopez among nine Hall of Famers playing in Chico’s Patty Berg Memorial


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