Rocco Rules!

It ain’t over, til it’s over and as with many tournaments, there is a Monday pro-am following the main attraction. About eighteen pros teed it up and we started preparing at 5 AM for a nine o’clock start.

The course was set up the same as Sunday’s round to give all a feel of what the pros experienced one day earlier.

Every group was supplied with a caddie, with the heaviest contingent being the pro caddies from the tournament.

I went out with Rocco Mediate’s group. We played a shamble with four amateurs and it was a welcomed respite from the non-stop grind of the previous week.

Rocco was an absolute hoot. Arriving unshaven and donned in flip-flops, he knew it was about entertainment and not the golf that makes one of these events special. He never saw the driving range either. A small bucket off the first tee was all he needed and they were all very playable to his surprise.

It was a shotgun and we started and the tenth hole. Off came the flip-flops (he played in his bare feet all day) and out came one of his ubiquitous cigars and of course, some tunes blaring from his Bose Bluetooth speaker fed from an iPhone. Is there anything better to break up the cemetery silence of a golf course than some Marilyn Manson? I think not.

One of our amateurs hit it long and since we played from the best drive, we used either his or Rocco’s tee ball. Many times the others wouldn’t even tee off. That made for a very quick, four hour day.

During the round, Rocco was queried concerning his clubs and he said they were made by Mike Nicolette. I happened to loop for Mike twice back in the day.

I rode with Rocco all the way around. He could not have been nicer. Not a pretentious bone in his body. Eminem eventually replaced Marilyn so offensive lyrics (nothing you wouldn’t hear on a golf course anyway) pretty much ruled the day and of course, the cigar never went out.

Overall, this was the most enjoyable pro-am I have ever experienced and by the way, our team came out on top. First place baby!


Then there was this:

Tiger Woods’ plane reported to be in Augusta – It was leaking oil. 🙂

A glass shard and a caddie bib: Mickelson joins Lewis in campaign for women executives

8 Responses to Rocco Rules!

  1. Jack Squire says:

    How unfortunate that he’s actually the biggest dick on the planet. Did he mention how he screwed over his entire family a few years ago?

  2. Jack Squire says:

    Tiger wins most contests. However a bit of research prior to posting glowing praise would have perhaps been more professional and balanced. At least Tiger still sees his kids.

    • lifeontour says:

      Your comment is asinine Jack. I wrote about my pro-am experience period. No need for research. Obviously, you have a grudge against Rocco. No need to spew your vitriol here.

  3. Jack Squire says:

    So you’re content to jock-sniff? Good luck…

  4. Jack Squire says:

    ’30 years on tour’… and you’re still clueless.

    • lifeontour says:

      jack-shit, is that the best you can do? I love the way trolls like you avoid the main point. I wrote about the pro-am and you expect me to go into his private life. When someone praises Ted Kennedy, do they mention he killed Mary Jo Kopechne? Or are kudos to Bill Clinton followed by his mention of his rape allegation, exposing himself or groping a staffer? If those two references are too obscure for you how about Michael Jackson’s pedophilia? That’s never “touched on” (like that one?) after praise of his ability to entertain. I could go on and on but it would fall on deaf ears and a vacuous brain.

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