It’s The Big One Elizabeth!

fred sanford

No, not a feigned heart attack of the Fred Sanford variety but much more serious. The fact is, Tex has left the building. My buddy Tex is no longer working at Fallen Oak. Too much to explain here but it was a long time in the making.

Tex was the lifeblood and personality of Fallen Oak. Always out front to greet our returning visitors or first timers with equal enthusiasm and a personal salutation, he was the embodiment of what one expects from a first class, southern hospitality facility.

Possessing an unequaled understanding of collegiate and professional sports, Tex would always find a way to start a conversation by observing a license plate or team decal on their vehicle, putting our guests at ease and alleviate any apprehensions they may have had.

Unpretentious, generous and true to heart, Tex is one of a kind. The powers that be have no idea the value he brought to the entire operation. He will be greatly missed.

Good luck my friend and safe travels

As for me, I’m the other shoe that dropped. I too will be leaving Fallen Oak. Gave my two weeks notice on Monday. No plans as of yet. I’m keeping my options open.

Two of their most conscientious workers quit at the same time. What does that tell you?_________________________________________________________________________________

Then there was this:

More Workers Are Saying ‘I Quit’: Should You Join Them? This is spot on.

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