The Votes Have Been Tallied and …

… the winner is Lemon Drop. A unanimous decision of the driving range crew has determined that Mr. Drop is the unofficial 2015 MGRC volunteer of the year. An impromptu trophy cup, complete with coffee stains, was concocted to commemorate the the occasion and presented to our honoree.

Lemon Drop trophy presentation 

Trophy Presentation

lemon drop trophy 1

The Cup

lemon drop trophy 2

lemon drop trophy 3


Got two green screens of death on my Lenovo Edge laptop recently. This may be the beginning of the end. If it dies, I think a Chromebook will be my next buy.


3 Responses to The Votes Have Been Tallied and …

  1. Cougar says:

    Chrome book is not a good choice.

    • lifeontour says:

      Make your case.

      • Cougar says:

        Early reviews were not good with issues regarding speed, screen size and resolution, but improvements have been made after I looked at one. Chrome book 13 looks better. If it works for you, go for it.

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