Tex In Transition

Looks like Tex has taken up a new hobby with all the extra time on his hands. Aren’t you supposed to smile while displaying your catch? He probably scared that fish out of the water.

Wonder if he has his Fallen Oak uniform under those sweats? Hold on, that is his Fallen Oak uniform. 🙂

Talked to Tex again this afternoon. Caught a bunch this morning. Must be catch and release. He would never eat the fish in the employee lunchroom.

Tex fishing 1


The mystery of the missing range balls may be partly explained by what one of out guys observed early last week. He spotted one of the contestants putting three bags of balls into the trunk of his car. That many Pro V1s make a great shag bag stuffer.


Curse of the driving range: Last year our ball washer kept jamming on the range and a replacement was borrowed from another course. After regressing to the cart barn, it has worked flawlessly for a year until returning to the range for the 2015 MGRRC. Again, it would not work. Our engineer attempted a fix but it was futile. The same ball washer was once again borrowed to get us through the event and it was decided a new one must be ordered for Fallen Oak.

But not so fast. Back in the cart barn it has been working perfectly all week. Everyone knows there are such things as indoor pets and outdoor pets and apparently the same goes for ball washers. Take it out of its element and it has vapor lock.


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