Free At Last …

… free at last … well, you know the rest. I called out (took the day off) Saturday and Sunday and turned in my uniforms today. I no longer am an employee of Fallen Oak/Beau Rivage.

It was a good run but working for an overbearing, narcissistic, micromanager was the chaff that broke the dromedary’s back.

Tex and I were in a position to walk away but the poor souls remaining may not be. We all felt the same about our tormentor but to a different degree. The trouble is, bosses like that look into their personal Mirror of Erised and see what they wish to see but it’s a delusion.

Now, you may be saying these are views from two disgruntled employees but not so. We heard the entire crew at his previous place of employment were planning a one day call-out just to stick it to him. We also understand they threw a party when he announced his departure and another one when after he left.

Looks like a pattern to me. It just takes time for his particular “management style” to rile the ranks.

Our former positions are finally posted on the company website. So if you’re looking for a job, here’s your chance. Beautiful surroundings, decent money but …



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