A Step Closer

Got my phone yesterday. One day earlier than anticipated. For the money it’s an excellent value. Also, by ordering online I received a free power pack. Enough for a couple of charges.

Ordered my SIM card from Cricket Wireless. Should be here in a couple days. Only a penny online instead of $10 at one of their stores. The nearest one is in Mobile so it was a no brainer. According to Cricket, my number transfer has been approved. Should be completed when I activate the SIM.


Traveled to Lake Charles on Monday to see Tex’s new workplace, The Golden Nugget. The course doesn’t officially open until next month so it is very chaotic getting the final pieces of the puzzle together. Talk about busy bees. Workman everywhere.

The course is not as refined and challenging as Fallen Oak but the clubhouse puts it to shame. The main thing will be the friendly atmosphere which is quite dissimilar from the businesslike, robotic aura of my former place of employment.

My application for employment there was requested. Still unsure of my plans though. I may have to make one more run as a tour caddie. Don’t know if I could get used to motel life gain but it will add more fodder for my blog.


I sent a long email to the HR Department of The Beau. It detailed my reasons for moving on. Doubt if it will make a difference but it was a necessary rant. Closure has been achieved.


Then there was this:

After Further Review: Best LPGA rookie class ever?

Faldo to play final Open at St. Andrews

Augusta James boosts chance for LPGA Tour card…

Top-ranked Lydia Ko follows Annika Sorenstam’s formula

Paula Creamer calls for women’s Masters at Augusta National – Hah!


One Response to A Step Closer

  1. Ozz says:

    Lydia’s goal to follow Annika should be “59” – nothing less.

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