Staying Put

At least for another month. I perused the LPGA and Symetra schedules and it didn’t seem feasible to hit the road just yet. Still have a few loose ends to clear up anyway. Didn’t wish to be rushed.

Then again, I may go in a different direction altogether.


The mystery of my blue screens and random shutdowns may have become clearer. I removed the battery and no more problems so far. It’s been practically dead for some time and I remembered that even though the computer is always plugged in, the electricity still has to travel through the battery and an iffy battery can cause problems.


Sent 120 rounds downrange the other day. Felt soooo good. __________________________________________________________

Math is hard: But not this hard. Stopped at McDonalds for a coffee this morning. It was 63 cents and I gave the young lady 65. She counted the coins, seemed to do some math in her head and gave me 4 cents change.


4 Responses to Staying Put

  1. Ozz says:

    Larry, you were probably given the senior’s discount at Macca’s.

  2. Tim Tam Eater says:

    I think all employees at fast food places should get 15 dollars an hour. LOL

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