Does She Deserve The Death Penalty?

In collegiate sports, the NCAA has the power to ban a school from competing in for at least one year for severe rules violations. The LPGA also has that power which may be wielded shortly.

In the final round of the North Texas Shootout, Na Yeon Choi wasn’t having a whole lot of fun so she decided to shake things up. For the last five holes, she figured a more favorable face was required on her bag and enlisted her friend, and fellow LPGA member, Jennifer Song. The problem is, under LPGA rules, she is forbidden to caddie for another player and is a major infraction of the LPGA guidelines.

From what I hear, many players are up in arms and demanding suspension for the remainder of the year.

As of now, the top dog has not made a decision as indicated by Jennifer’s participation in this week’s event at Kingsmill.


Then there was this:

Buckle up golf fans, John Daly is the subject of an upcoming ESPN “30 for 30” film

Adam Scott: “(Golf) doesn’t need to be in the Olympics” – Hear! Hear!


10 Responses to Does She Deserve The Death Penalty?

  1. Jessie Owens vs. Adolf Hitler says:

    No reason for golf to be an Olympic event. Just another reason why the Olympics have become a joke. Total BS!
    “Boy I sure wish I could watch golf in the Olympics,” said no one ever!

  2. larrysan, just anudder wrule prayer not know..ror roughing our rowd

  3. Ozz says:

    Nothing has changed, one rule for Asians and
    another for the rest.

    What you have here, is 2 players not knowing the rule(s). Both should be suspended and fined, with Choi suspended for the rest of the tournaments for 2015, and Song suspended for up to 4 tournaments.

  4. Tim Tam Eater says:

    According to the rules, choi did not break any rules, song is the one who broke the rule

  5. Does this seem enforceable, given that the players are independent contractors, not employees, and thus should be free to do whatever they want with their time when not playing? I also have to wonder if they would let Brooke Henderson caddy for her sister on the Symetra Tour, or is that also violating some “rule”?

    • lifeontour says:

      They are not independent if they belong to the LPGA and agree to their bylaws. How about a conflict of interest? You would be caddying for a competitor. Would you let someone play in the morning and caddie in the afternoon?

  6. pcb_duffer says:

    As to the original case: Song ought to be liable for whatever the penalty is; hopefully it’s a defined one. Otherwise we’re back in Blaylock-ville. And Choi ought to get dinged for a few tourneys, too.

    If Brooke Henderson has membership / status on the Symetra Tour, she shouldn’t be allowed to caddy on that tour, even for her sister. But I don’t think she actually is a member of any tour, just an outsider trying to get her allowed sponsor’s invitations.

  7. Frank Michaels says:

    If Jennifer Song was named Lydia Ko, THEN we would have a story … until then, blah …

    • lifeontour says:

      It would be a bigger story indeed but a decision will have to be made concerning Jennifer which may impact her greatly. To her, it’s a huge story.

  8. Shakira L. says:

    What’s the update on this? Why has there been absolutely no word from the LPGA on this?

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