A Bad Day? Close

Tweet from: Alison Lee@Alisonn_Lee Had a 3:05 time today then 7 am tmrw. I also have to forfeit playing in the Women’s Open qualifier tomorrow. I’ve definitely had better days.

Larry Smich@lifeontour @GolfweekNichols @Alisonn_Lee When is the cutoff?

Beth Ann Nichols@GolfweekNichols @lifeontour She’s in. USGA let her pick another site. We just don’t have my story posted yet!

More tweets indicate Inkster is looping for Pat Hurst at The Open qualifier.

Beth Ann Nichols@GolfweekNichols  Looks like @JuliInkster is looping 36 for @Pathurst23 today at USWO qualifying. Guessing they’ll have a good time.

Juli Inkster@JuliInkster @GolfweekNichols @Pathurst23 good call..18 down .. 18 to go.. My feet are BARKING..#myplayerneedstostepitup

Watched the 1957 movie “Zero Hour” on TCM the other day. It’s a drama about food poising disabling the crew of an airliner leaving only one passenger available to land the plane. Sound familiar? The comedy “Airplane” was a remake.

Check out this YouTube clip to view some of the similarities. There are many more but you’ll get the gist. If you get a chance watch Zero Hour.


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