Tullymore Tuesday

June 30, 2015

We played nine holes this afternoon before the rain hit. B-Ham got some welcomed rest and relaxation yesterday and was ready to go.

The promised amount of yardage books did not arrive. Many participants played the course without. More arrived around noon but one player suggested they not be sold to caddies so the players can get one and that’s what happened. The remainder arrive tomorrow. I got mine yesterday.

There is no excuse for this. It’s a new event and a yardage book is a necessity. It’s a definite black eye for “The Wizard”.

Due to local play, we weren’t allowed on the course until after four in the afternoon yesterday. Walked the front. What a squirrely track. Three par threes on the front with two back-to-back. Rode the back nine this morning. Much better.

Meg Mallon is here as a honorary Chairperson and Wendy Doolan and Heather Bowie Young are in the field.

A new event was added to the Symetra schedule not long ago. The W.B. Mason Championship in Brockton MA is set for August 14-16. I just learned that the course is hosting a WGAM event early in the week and the Thorny Lea track will not be available to Symetra players and caddies until after play is complete on Wednesday. That makes for a very short week. Here’s what I found online at mgalinks.org.

“In addition to the W.B. Mason Championship, which begins on Friday, the early part of the week at Thorny Lea will feature the Women’s Golf Association of Massachusetts’ (WGAM) Amateur Championship and Presidents Cup, the most prestigious event of the year. The winner of the amateur championship will earn a spot in the W.B. Mason Championship field”.

I addition, motel rooms are at a premium or non-existent for the weekend due to a local event.

Island Resort Championship Wrap-up

June 29, 2015

Two over in the final round for B-Ham but the antics from one of our playing partners kept us entertained from the first tee to the last.

As I perched upon a throne in one of the casino’s facilities yesterday morning, a plea for help over the radio blurted from behind door number two. A volunteer caddie in the first group overslept and wasn’t going to make it. A replacement was needed but given the the early hour, that would be a tough job to fill.

Wayne just happened to be in that group and also heard the call, along with the tee marshal, from a nearby radio. Before you know it, the marshal dropped his paddle and was on the bag. Did a good job too according to Wayne.

Mary and B-Ham’s coach put in long hours on the range last week correcting some minor flaws in their swings. During a stint with Britney, he dubbed the range “The Harris Michigan Correctional Facility.” Good one Lewis.

You’re standing on the tee waiting to let it fly to start the second round then realize you’re not with this group. In fact, you’re on the wrong tee! Instead of starting on the front, you are supposed to be on the back. A mad sprint past the substantially long range, putting green and starters shack doesn’t get you there in time. After being assessed a two shot penalty, you complete the round only to miss the cut by a single shot. Strange but true. It happened last week.

“Bear Bait” and “Honest Injuns Tourist Trap” were just a couple of the colorful signs dotting the perimeter of the roadway on my journey to the Mackinaw Bridge. Along with numerous quaint motels and eateries along the shore of Lake Michigan, it made for a very pleasant visual experience.

Island Resort Championship – Second Round

June 27, 2015

42-35 on the card but we’re playing tomorrow.

This course is set up way too short. Only two decent length par fours. Today they shortened one of those holes. On the flip side, the par threes are excellent.

Escanaba is in the Eastern Time Zone and the Island Resort course in Central. To avoid confusion we play on Eastern time.

Had two WDs yesterday. One a hip injury but the other was pure happenstance. During the shuttle ride from one green to two tee, a player holding on to her pull cart got it caught in the bridge abutment and she hurt her shoulder.

Then there was this:

Former Kansas Golfer Finding Success on China LPGA Tour

LPGA hopefuls proficient at pinching pennies on Symetra Tour

Island Resort Championship – First Round

June 26, 2015

B-Ham came in with a steady three under. Good start.

Brandi Rodriguez was one of the Southern Miss players Tex used to bring in to caddie at Fallen Oak. Now she’s out here playing. Quite a progression.

Mary Narzisi carded a eagle on one (her tenth hole) and made an extra $100 bonus for her effort.

Yesterday’s pro-am party featured a hypnotist. He had a bunch of players on stage falling asleep, smelling their own shoes and doing all sorts of silly things. (pictures from The Symetra Tour Twitter feed)

There was also a team fishing contest in the pond on fifteen. No shortage of extra curricular activities this week.

players fallling asleep

players sniffing shoes

Escanaba Thursday

June 25, 2015

Had the day off. B-Ham just worked with her coach.

Her coach also works with Mary Narzisi and they’re both first off tomorrow. Unfortunately, on different nines.

Yesterday I finalized my motel reservation for next week. The first four days through Priceline and the last two with Hotwire at a different motel. It was the only way to get a room for the entire week without getting totally hosed. I prefer to stay by myself so it’s going to be an expensive stay.

The snafu with the yardage books this week had me go right to the source for the upcoming Tullymore Championship. It’s a new event so an existing book is not an option. I sent a text to “Kenny The Wizard” (made this week’s book also) and learned that 50-100 “tour bibles” will be there this Saturday and the remainder on Monday. Good news. No delay completing our homework.

Rick “The Nerd” did a book for the Toyota Danielle Downey Classic in Rochester. They were good friends so he is donating all the money (not just the profits) to the Danielle Downey Scholarship Fund.

Then there was this:

Whan: Henderson’s future ‘in her hands’

RTJ fires back at Player for Chambers Bay rant

Detroit Lions rookies learn golf as part of their introduction to the NFL

Razorback golfer qualifies for LPGA event in Arkansas

Escanaba Wednesday

June 24, 2015

We participated in the 7 AM shotgun practice round but only for eleven holes. There was an afternoon pro-am but a mandatory player meeting was on the agenda first. No flies on the wall foreseen.

Had lunch at the Island resort Casino. Reminds me of the cheap food of years gone by in Vegas. Big chili dog and chips with unlimited drinks for $4. In fact, self-serve drinks are free all day. It was Wayne’s birthday so I sprung for his hamburger also.

The daily special was roast beef and mashed potatoes for $8.50. More food than I could possibly handle.

On my drive up, signs promoting the tournament were seen all the way down in Marinette which is 60 miles away. That’s a good thing.

Yoopers and Trolls

June 23, 2015

A sign on the marquee of a local business stating they had the best yooper bar in town had me wondering what a yooper was exactly. While sitting in the casino, one of the players overheard our conversation regarding the subject and added some clarification. Being from Michigan herself, she explained that Michiganders where divided into two distinct groups. The upper peninsula “yoopers” and lower peninsula trolls. They’re referred to as trolls because they live under (south of) the Mackinaw Bridge that separates the two geographical areas. By the way, Britney is a troll.

Britney had an eighteen hole playing lesson with her coach so I basically had the day off, so to speak. I still had to walk the course (no cart this time) but I did catch up with them on the thirteenth hole. Why I don’t know. I wasn’t needed.

Looks like we may have another drivable par four on the final day. The fourteenth has two white lines (they indicate which tee is to be used for the tournament) and may be reached downwind from the up tee.

Every where you go it seems that background music seems to be the norm. Many restaurants, grocery stores and business in general seem to have the need to pollute the airways with the drone of tunes past and present. The one sanctuary of solitude I look forward to is the golf course. A place where man can be alone with one’s thoughts and commune with nature, but not out here.

Background music has found its way onto the hallowed links during the practice round. Last week from a smart phone (which was tinny and muffled) and today from a mini-boom box. Arrrgh!

Back in March I decided to replace my ancient Tempur-Pedic car seat cushion with something more substantial. It had long given up the ghost and turned into a compressed seat cover after I plopped my significant frame upon it. After scanning the options on Amazon, I opted for the CONFORMAX Anywhere, Anytime Gel Car/Truck Seat Cushion and what a welcomed addition to life on the road it has been.

It’s a combination of foam and gel which tops the scale at an impressive seven pounds! I didn’t realize it’s full potential while traveling to and from work in Mississippi but the long drives between tour stops has shown its value. If you’re thinking of ordering one be warned. It does add about two inches to the seat height so if your head room is tight now, forget it. You also have to measure the seat front to back to get the correct size. Coming in at around a hundred bucks, it may seem overpriced but not to me. Worth every cent and my butt thanks you.

Then there was this:

2015 ESPN the Magazine Body Issue: LPGA pro Sadena Parks poses nude

Hall of Famer Pak WDs from U.S. Women’s Open


Sophie Gustafson will step aside as a player to become a caddie, at least temporarily

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