Goodbye Mississippi

Monday was my scheduled apartment check-out. I decide to try and get some loops on the Symetra and/or LPGA for the remainder of the season then settle in Florida.

I still wasn’t sure if I should head for Battle Creek Michigan for the FireKeepers Symetra event or meander and meet them in Decatur IL. On Sunday afternoon I decided. It was Battle Creek.

My smooth Mississippi departure was anything but that. The plan was to put the remainder of my belongings into storage, return my cable modem, mail some golf balls to my brother and visit the bank.

Unfortunately, I miscalculated the amount of room in my car so multiple trips to to storage was necessary. The amount of available compression of my mattress topper was miscalculation number two. No way would I ever stuff it back in the box it was delivered so a trip to Walmart for nylon rope was necessary. I folded it into a rectangle and secured it the best I could.

My next move was the the modem. An eight o’clock open for business was indicated on the Internet for the local (and only) Cable One office and I was there a couple minutes after. An empty parking lot as I approached gave me pause and the notice on the door confirmation. They were closed on Mondays!

After a few angry cuss words and a brief panic attack, I arranged for my landlord to return the modem for me.

The clock was now ticking. I like to get on the road early but continued poor planning stopped me cold. The post office line moved quickly and I was out in short order but the bank was a different story.

I was there to close-out my safety deposit box. Even though I would have to return to Biloxi for my belongings, I did not chance losing the keys. The line was ten deep two minutes before opening which had me adding more choice phrases to my Cable One tirade.

I got to the teller quick enough and emptied the box but closing the account was another thing. It took what seemed like a hundred key strokes to put my $8.70 credit into my checking account before I could leave.

Finally, everything was done. I was on the road by 9:30.

I made it to Seymour IN that evening. 700 miles down, 280 to go.

Bivouacked at the Allstate Inn. Not the best but good enough. A few hours sleep was all that was required. I was off early the next morning and made it to the course around ten.

To be continued …

Then there was this:

Monday qualifiers fill out field for Firekeepers event

Johnny Manziel harassed by fan at golf tournament

Inside the most expensive municipal golf course in the US

NCAA hands out four slow-play penalties in Round 3

Tony Romo’s wife has an awesome golf swing

Wie withdraws from Manulife LPGA Classic

Val Skinner Foundation Announces Partnership With Discovery Education


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