The Smiling Faces/Symetra Tour

June 4, 2015

Tuesday: I spotted caddie Wayne Uyeda (Sansei) the same time he did me. I was in the parking lot of the Battlefield Country Club and he was walking up the drive awaiting his player, Madeleine Sheils. He was grinning from ear to ear as was I.

Wayne found a home on the Symetra Tour the last three to four years so it’s been that long at least since we last met but it didn’t matter. It was as if I saw him yesterday. The barbs started flying immediately and we caught-up in minutes.

The next to approach was Jeff deCoen. Another smiling face from a caddie/entrepreneur. Again, the conversation was seamless.

Then Billy Pratt showed with his buddy Aaron. They’re vying for the yardage book business in the Symetra Tour and it’s a lock if this week’s effort is any indication of future work. Excellent info and vey professional.

Tom Borwick was next. He’s was coming off the eighteenth with his player Jesse Tang. I worked for Jesse in 2007 (she remembered the year not me) on a Future’s event in Florida.

“Is that you Larry?” called out Philly Phil. Another smiling face. In fact, that seems to be standard out here. Everywhere you look. Good to see. Phil asked if I was looking and since I was, took my number. Not long afterward he found a bag for me.

Mary Narzisi  needed someone but an unknown quantity was not something she would bet on. A one day audition was agreed upon. The Wednesday pro-am would be the day.

Even though it may have been a one day gig, I bought a yardage book from the pro shop. Have to be prepared you know. Tom needed to check the greens so we walked rode the course  together. That’s right, we rode. Carts are available for player/caddie use all the way until game time. That makes short work out of one of the more tedious parts of the preparation.

Ran into rules official Jane Reynolds (JR for short) marking the hazards. Should I add, anther smiling face? No need.

After we finished I checked-in the Knights Inn right down the street. Is was the best price I could find and didn’t expect much. The one in Toledo always comes to mind and that is barely tolerable. Boy was I surprised. Looks newly remodeled. Pillow top king bed, fridge/microwave and a big ass HD TV. But unfortunately, SD on HD = WTF! The picture sucks without a HD signal so I connected it to my laptop with a HDMI cable.

Wednesday: Didn’t eat much yesterday so a good breakfast was in order the next morning. Denny’s was my choice and it came with another surprise. Much more on the plate then in Biloxi for the same thing. Had to get a take-home box.

The afternoon pro-am went well but long. When there’s thirty-five teams on eighteen holes it gets a bit crowded. Mary and I worked well together so I passed the audition..

Thursday: This was our day to practice. It was a 7:30 shotgun start on carts of course. That’s the best way to do it given the afternoon pro-am. We started on four and finished on sixteen. A little practice and our day was done.

Old habits are hard to break. When I made coffee back in my apartment in Biloxi, the trash can was just to the left of the coffee pot. Hundreds of times I extricated the filter full of expired grounds and disposed of it in a movement I could perform in my sleep.

Well this morning I fired up the in-room coffee maker which was positioned on the sink.Took the coffee packet out of the wrapper and immediately disposed of it to my left through the doorway. Right into the toilet.

Then there was this:

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