FireKeepers Championship – Round One

June 5, 2015

One under today. A good start on my first official round out here. Mary was very pleased considering her play in the pro-am. Then again, this was game day.

Looking at it, my body held up well. One of the perks out here is that most players have light carry bags but not all. I was toting a steamer trunk of the Ping variety. At least we get to store any extra items on the scorer’s golf cart. The Loop I had from being on the LPGA is a life saver.

Jeff deCoen snagged a loop just for today and was paired with his roommate Sansei. I think they both finished in the red.

Nicole Jerray received the following text from Larry – “I’m rooting for you”. Since she saw me yesterday, she assumed it was from me. I was thanked for the encouragement and took temporary credit but eventually denied being the author. After a little memory jog, it turned out to be the volunteer caddie she had three weeks ago.

Ran into Jean Reynolds yesterday. Haven’t seen her in years and she hasn’t aged a day. Her infectious smile and quick wit sill remain. Surprised she remembered my name. After inquiring on my whereabouts the last few years, I added that I had saved some money and was looking for a way to lose it. “You’ve come to the right place.” she replied.

Had a McDonald’s Steak & Egg McMuffin (sans cheese) for breakfast yesterday. If you ever feel your innards are low on oil, this sandwich will add a pint at least.

What’s going on at the LPGA in Canada. Are they playing all eighteen holes?

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