FireKeppers Championship – Round Two

Cool and windy this morning but our tee time was 2:10. It warmed and the wind subsided.

Gave a few back today but made the cut on the nose. Nowhere to go but up tomorrow.

One player in our group had 3-4 shanks and the other T.C. Chened-it on the final hole. Interesting golf indeed.

With all the inexperienced caddies, “Premature Bibulation” (donning your caddie bib way to early) is the order of the day out here.

Split tees tomorrow at seven bells. Nasty weather moving in.

Yesterday, Carolin Pinegger’s mom went back to retrieve her daughter’s yardage book on seventeen and jumped on the scorer’s cart for the ride back. That’s a two shot penalty but it was the group behind them that spotted the infraction. By the time they got in, her scorecard was signed. Carolin was four under at the time.

In her mom’s defense during the post round interview, Carolin said “She is a professional mom, not caddie”.

They make it very easy out here as far as getting the right numbers. Along with this week’s yardage bible(which is excellent), distance to the front is painted on the fairways. Sure helps the pace of play. The book even has certain trees marked just in case of an errant tee ball.

The Google Fit app on my phone clocked me in at over six miles yesterday and the same today. That’s double my daily trek in Biloxi.

It was Tina Barrett’s birthday yesterday and her husband used the Jumbotron at the D-backs game for a congratulatory message.

Tina Barrett jumbotron


2 Responses to FireKeppers Championship – Round Two

  1. ozzy says:

    How are the legs holding up! I hope Mary knows to go out hard tomorrow, and leave nothing out there.

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