FireKeepers Championship – Round Three

June 7, 2015

Lost a few more today but I it was a good first week on the Symetra Tour.

Winner, winner and the chicken dinner goes to Madeleine Sheils and her looper Wayne. Congrats to both.

Played with Kristy Obrien today in a twosome. I noticed the Crooked Stick logo on her bag and asked if she knew “Speedway”. Silly question. Of course she did.

During yesterday’s round (or the day before) one of the caddies felt what seemed like a vibration coming from the bag on his shoulder. Figuring it might be his player’s cell phone, he decided to investigate. Turned out much worse. The top of the container housing her protein shake had come loose and the contents spilled onto her three month old Bushnell laser. The liquid shorted the electronics and the laser was a total loss.

One facet of golf etiquette is shunned out here but for good reason. It speeds up play. Playing out of turn is common. I also noticed players don’t always go to the right side of the tee. What ever is the closest suffices. No one seems to mind.

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