Monday In Decatur

Staying in the boonies this week. The America’s Best Value Inn sits on the outskirts of town next to a gas station/connivance store/Subway. Three miles away towards the city center is where the food resides. That’s what happens when you’re new to an area. Still only 15 minutes to the course.

Small room but clean with Direct TV. My only worry was the snail-like Internet which would have put a damper on my stay but it was up to speed before bed time.

I asked where the locals ate and the Garden Family Restaurant was recommended by the front desk clerk. He didn’t steer me wrong. More food than one can eat at a reasonable price.

Speaking of food, the price was right last week at the FireKeepers.

FireKeepers menu

“Rubble”, Mary’s regular looper, is back out so I’ll be looking for work this this week.

Update: Got another trial through Mary. This time it’s a week with Britney Hamilton.

“Bully” is also here. He showed up yesterday in Battle Creek on his way from the LPGA event in Canada. Also, Country Club Mike has made an appearance. Bully is looping for Portland Rosen and Mike is toting for ? .


  Old School Caddies

3 Responses to Monday In Decatur

  1. Mike says:

    Here’s a good place near you for cheap food, fun and suds:

  2. Cougar says:

    Happy birthday, Larry. You might have found a new home with this tour.

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