Decatur Tuesday

June 9, 2015

Eighteen holes of practice around mid-day and we were done. No pro-am for us this week so range duty tomorrow and nine holes on Thursday is the plan.

How many player/caddie duos celebrate their birthdays on the same day, June ninth? Only one the I know of. It’s me and my boss Britney Hamilton. She’s twenty-six and I’m, well, let’s just say when I was growing up, instead of a pet dog I had a velociraptor. Mean little devil.

Speaking of pet dogs, there is a player out here that is allowed to have one on site to alleviate her anxiety. Doctor prescribed I hear. Quitting golf is always an option.

Gossip and cliquish behavior abound out here I’m told. Just like the LPGA Tour. Would one expect anything less?

Did you know Decatur is the soy bean capital of the world and was the home of the Decatur Staleys which are now the Chicago Bears? Like it or not, you do now.

Look who’s picture I found hanging on the clubhouse wall.

Penny Hammel Decatur picture

Talked to Tex yesterday. Everything is going great at the Golden Nugget course in Lake Charles. Even some of the high rollers that used to haunt Fallen Oak are showing up. It’s all about the people and customer service and that is where Tex excels.

I hear security is real tight at the KMPGA Women’s Championship. Tough on caddies looking for work.

Then there was this:

Tschetter Helps YMCA FORE the Kids Program

Saunders qualifies for U.S. Open with caddie’s irons

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