Decatur Thursday

Played fifteen holes for our practice round. Got to love those golf carts.

Had a rules seminar for the players and caddies yesterday. J.R. and Kent did a great job and answered all inquiries. Lasted about an hour and about fifty players attended. They have three a year and everyone has to go to at least one. Good rule.

Wayne sprung for the beer at Buffalo Wild Wings Tuesday night to celebrate his win. When round two arrived, so did my player and her tour friends to celebrate her birthday.

First time I needed to deposit a check using the mobile app from my bank. It was accepted in minutes. Very cool.

I’ll say it again. The pizza at Sam’s Cub is the best deal going. I had a huge slice of the deluxe for $2.20.

Then there was this:

Trish Johnson talks up Scots for the Scottish Open

The 5 best stories to emerge from U.S. Open qualifying

Fifteen-Year-Old Cole Hammer Qualifies For US Open Golf Tournament


3 Responses to Decatur Thursday

  1. Louis Pappas says:

    Never been to a Sam’s club but Costco’s Combo Slice (everything) is only $1.99 a slice and huge.

  2. ozzy says:

    Hey Larry, this is the best story from the US Open Qualifying: Sam Saunders uses caddie clubs to qualify.

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