Decatur-Forsyth Classic – Round One and Two

Forget round two, we never finished round one. After the field staff evaluated the course conditions, the morning start was moved to 12:30.  Another storm moved in at noon and that did us in but we didn’t know it at the time. Just when things were looking up, we were hit again. Stayed for eleven hours until it was official.

A Monday finish is in the cards.

Made it to the eighteenth fairway before play was called yesterday. We had 150 to the pin remaining.

Got an email from B-Ham (Britney) last night that caddie parking was switched from the grass lot by the course to the Forsyth Imaging Center parking lot right down the street. Unfortunately, no one told the work crew that was about to tear up the asphalt. The orange cones and backhoe were a clue the right hand was unaware of the left. Luckily the caddie master followed me from McDonalds and directed me to the course.

The only action at the course was this live broadcast from the snack shop.

WSOY Decatur broadcast

Then there was this:

Perfect no more: Ko misses first LPGA cut – Next caddie up?


3 Responses to Decatur-Forsyth Classic – Round One and Two

  1. ozzy says:

    I think Jason (Donny) will be still on the bag. Missed cut by 1, called penalty on herself in 1st Round for ball moving on green after addressing the ball. When will they learn not to ground putter.

  2. Gnossos says:


  3. Frank Michaels says:

    Even worse. Four straight days of Bu88les Wie on the LPGA site before the tourney, and she’s tied 67th . TIME for a new princess, people.

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