“You Don’t Lie To Get A Job”

That’s what a tour bus chaperone told his teenage minions in the breakfast area of my motel this morning. Tom Borwick and I were having coffee and we just had to chuckle. “I didn’t know they were doing stand-up at breakfast.” I added.

I’m at another America’s Best Value Inn just North of Notre Dame University. Not as nice as last week but I snagged it at a negotiated rate.

The forecast doesn’t look much better than Decatur. I hope the course will hold up.

I’m with Brittney again this week.

Just by chance (or was it?) I happened by the University Mall and decided to kill some rainy-day time. Stopped in Encore Shoes and found the last pair of the only kicks I wear in my size. New Balance 608 EE width.

Is this a keeper?

Decatur caddie badge


3 Responses to “You Don’t Lie To Get A Job”

  1. Leroy Strickland says:

    If you find your favorite shoes in correct size and at a decent price of course you get them!

  2. Henry Perazo says:

    It’s lucky that you found a pair of shoes in your size, not to mention it’s the last one. I really enjoy your ‘daily report’, hope to see more from you.

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